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Following the listing documentation of my works, the QUOTATION with coefficient (assigned storage code, and indicated on the QUOTATION: 03021)

The aforementioned documentation has been entered in the Historical Archive of the quotations of the SEAC and the archiving code indicated above has been inserted in the WHITE LIST of the website of the QUOTATIONS SERVICE:

The listing below features a QR CODE that reports to the WHITE LIST, and GENERATION QUOTATIONS CATALOG.

The collector / buyer of the artistic production will be able to verify the authenticity of the quotation through the QR CODE which leads to the WHITE LIST and to the GENERATION QUOTATION CATALOG.

With the quotation, a 100x100 painting is worth € 3,600 (sum of the two sides = 2000 mm x 1.8 x 10 = € 3,600).


What is the coefficient?

The coefficient is an arithmetic value that helps determine the market price of an artist's works, and is established by an authoritative art gallery or art critic, through an analytical study of the artistic curriculum.

How do you calculate the market price of a work by applying the coefficient?

To calculate the market price of a work, it is necessary to add the base and height of the work, multiply the result by the coefficient and finally multiply again by 10. Example: painting 100 × 80 cm, coefficient 2, market value 3.600 € [(100 + 80) x 2 x 10 = 3600]

However, there are also other elements that increase the price of a single work, which must be taken into consideration, such as a dedicated review, an issue in an authoritative art magazine, a publication in a prestigious catalog, etc ...

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