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Salvatore Ferrante

Salvatore Ferrante was born in November 1972 in Visciano and since he was a child he shows a strong passion for painting and drawing. In 2007 he moved to Tuscany in the province of Siena and from 2011 he lived in Torrita di Siena, where he began his artistic career.

His journey began with the passion of oil painting, over the years he has worked as a wood craftsman for restoration.

A few years ago he has tried to reconcile the passion for painting and the love for wood, merging everything into one passion, transporting it into the art of creativity, creating wooden paintings, he can be defined as a painter-sculptor, for his technical detail.

Eclectic, versatile, creative, always open to innovations and originality, his works are unique and difficult to imitate, they require inventiveness, precision and infinite patience.

He gave vent to his imagination by creating paintings that have a two-dimensional relief, unconventional to the usual paintings painted on one plane, he liked the idea that those who admired his works could have the idea of the dimension of perspective in multiple dimensions.

The artist paints with a technique of his experimentation using natural resins and colors expertly created by him, thus obtaining a surprising chromatic aspect and brilliance in the finish of all the works, they are a riot of brightness and colors.

It is inspired by the Naif colors, the Van Gogh skies and the sinuosities of Lempicka's paintings.

Each of his works is conceived and imagined by his imagination, the paintings have a sketch on paper, drawing the design on wooden boards, cutting everything, smoothing every single piece, coloring the pieces and reassembling them on a base, creating levels for the perspective, all finished by frames made by him.

His personal artistic research to create new works always leads him to imagine new paths of creativity and desire to experiment with new, always original works.

Salvatore Ferrante's paintings are exhibited in private and public collections, he exhibited in various locations of national prestige and outside national borders, exhibiting in the halls of the Carrousel Du Louvre in Paris, in Cannes at the Palazzo del Cinema and Festival, at the first initiative "I mille di Sgarbi" art exhibition created by Vittorio Sgarbi, numerous articles and interviews talk about him and his innovative art. December 2019 prestigious "Ponte Vecchio" award in Florence.

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